Career Tomboy

Just a little rock band in Chicago

Who is Career Tomboy?

Jeremy, Tori, Arlo, and Becky, the members of Career Tomboy, standing in front of a brick wall and behind a chainlink fence

It’s not a midlife crisis. A crisis implies fear - a fear of not accomplishing what you want out of life. A fear that your best days are behind you.

F**k that noise.

Yes, we formed Career Tomboy later in life. But we didn’t form Career Tomboy because we were afraid. We formed Career Tomboy out of love.

The love of listening to music.
The love of watching other bands perform with fellow fans.
The love of creating music with people we care about.
The love of doing something hard with people who push you to improve.

See us live

See us live!

Sketchbook Brewing Co., Skokie, IL

with Gargamel

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